Intelligent Matching

  • Unbiased AI matches talent and employers
  • Talent assessed across all skills in all fields
  • Employers find great talent and talent find great opportunities easily and efficiently

Identity Management

  • Employers accept candidate based on skills alone
  • Offers are made before PII is exchanged
  • Candidates accept offers and send new employers PII using secure blockchain

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Our whitepaper describes every step of the process, from ideaXdesign, to Neunet, to the Neunio. If you really want to dig into our platform and become a part of the community, select your language below to learn more.

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Hiring efficiency

  • 47% of small businesses can't find qualified applicants
  • 80% of employee turnover is caused by poor hiring decisions
  • 36% of new hires fail within the first 18 months

Company diversity

  • 1.9% and 4.4% of the professional-level workforce is black men and black women, respectively
  • 13% of black men and 16% of black women with STEM degrees work in unrelated fields, compared to 7% of white men
  • 2x as many men work in STEM fields as women with the same qualifications

Data security

  • 90% of data security professionals struggle with security issues
  • 41% of firms do not know where their data is stored
  • 66% of companies fail to classify unstructured data
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  2. Harvard Business Review: Maximizing Your Return on People
  3. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Diversity in High Tech
  4. National Girls Collaborative Project: Statistics
  5. USA Today: Analysis
  6. Forrester Consulting: The Data Security Money Pit

Our Team

Cayes Delpeche is the CEO and Founder of ideaXdesign.

Cayes on LinkedIn

Carson Wilber is the CTO of ideaXdesign.

Carson on LinkedIn


Neunio isn't just an altcoin, but is connected to the Neunet ecosystem and implements features that prevent instamining and empty blocks and prevent fees for the casual user. Accelerated difficulty retargeting during initial blocks prevents the feasibility of instamining; in addition, block rewards are distributed as newly generated coins over time and based partially on the number of transactions in the block, which reduces the value in mining empty blocks in addition to entirely mitigating instamining.

Neunio's value comes not only from those who use it, but also from its purpose in the blockchain identity management system and intelligent talent matching platform that use the token for exchanges and interactions. Employers use Neunios to reach out to talent, and talent use Neunios to reach out to employers. In the identity management system, exchanges will be charged a fractional Neunio fee based on the size of the data. This incentivizes mining to uphold Neunio's usage while also preserving security and functionality.

You will also be able to purhcase Neunios with $USD.

No matter which method you purchase Neunios with, you will need to generate a Neunio address. The setup information is provided on each purchase page - we'd love to have your support! :)

If purchasing with USD: transactions are handled through Escrow. Sign up upon transaction. This option requires personal information - email and name.

If purchasing with ETH and BTC: provide us with your ETH/BTC address and once our goal is reached, we will accept transactions. The appropriate amount of NEN will be sent to your Neunio address. If you make an excess payment (above the cap for ETH or BTC,) the overage will not be returned, and you will not be awarded additional NEN.